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  • Besucher betrachten ein Model eines Sandsteinfelsens


Where once films were shown on the screen, now the animals and plants of the National Park Region Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland are the stars. The building was constructed as a cinema in 1953. Nowadays 7 themed stages illuminate the special feature of the local nature:complex processes as computer animations, models you can pick up and try out - informative, active and guaranteed worth filming! All of our computer animations are also available in English and we offer a English exhibition guide for you.

Born out of ocean

Secret geology: Did you know that ancient volcanic material lies dormant in sandstone? Sandstone and basalt models shed light on interesting items, a 10 minute computer animation tells the story of the origin of the Elbe sandstone mountain range.

Life on the cliff face

Fissures, honeycomb structures, ducts - it’s not just a wide range of animals who settle, breed, climb and hide in the sandstone formations. We show you the typical animal and plant life in this habitat.

Nature is change

A fallen tree, then thick undergrowth, beside it some light - how does the structure of a forest affect plants, animals and smaller organisms? It’s all in the mix! Using the example of the world of birds, the model of various forest developmental stages shows why.

Animal country starts just across the way.

The range of paths is at the heart of the National Park. Peace-loving wild animals such as the black woodpecker, red deer, lynx and peregrine falcon react very sensitively to maltreatment. You’ll be amazed, as: What you will see and experience in the forest, depends completely on you.

A trip through the night

Darkness - time to sleep? Not for these animals: Owls, tawny owls, wild boar, bats and garden dormice only really get active when darkness falls. Find out what their “everyday life” in the dark is like.

Threatening and threatened

Residences, sources of food, sports pitches or even rubbish tips - how far removed is society from nature? Can we let nature be nature? Make your own mind up.