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Formulation and development of approaches to landscape interpretation in German and Czech protected areas

The aim of our project is to build up the transfer of information between a number of environmental education programmes in Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland in to a genuine education activity, addressing, encouraging and creating or developing a relationship with the individual in the protected area in question, in the sense of promoting acceptance. This cross-border project comprises in particular the development of new training options in the area of landscape interpretation, evaluation and interlinking of existing programmes and the conception and testing of supporting programmes for the residents in the area around the students. One particular objective of the project is the transfer of know how between Germany and the Czech Republic, whereby the German partners can bring in methodological and organisational experiences, and the Czech partners their many years of practical experience in their interpretation of landscape.


Module 1 covers the conception of new programmes on landscape interpretation in schools in the region around Hradec Králové and in the National Park region Saxon - Bohemian Switzerland. In particular a methodology for interpretation of landscapes is developed, implemented and evaluated. Module 2 covers the working steps for the cross-institution and cross-border composition of all educational programmes for students in the region around the protected area. This composition and an external evaluation of educational programmes for students in the Saxony part of the region is developed on top of the methodology developed in Module 1 of landscape interpretation as an evaluation scheme for education programmes, which can be used long term in the region. Module 3 contains the provision of programmes for protected area management and information centres in the towns and communities of the region. The focus of this module is on strengthening the promotion across events of acceptance of the protection area in the towns and cities of the region.


Project name

Formulation and development of approaches to landscape interpretation in German and Czech protected areas.


Project area
Das Projektgebiet umfasste die Schutzgebiete im und um den Nationalpark Sächsisch-Böhmische Schweiz


The project was supported by the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU).

Project timing

01.06.2013- 31.05.2015


Project partners

The Green Uni
Centre for Environmental Education and Ethics - Rýchory-SEVER

Ceské Švýcarsko o.p.s.


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