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Transboundary Cooperation

Saxon-Bohemian National Park Region: One Landscape - Four Protected Areas

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains extend across an area of around 700 km² on both sides of the Elbe River. They are located on Czech and German territory and are home to four conservation areas: Two on the German side of the border and two on Czech territory. While on the German side the Saxon Switzerland National Park is surrounded by the Saxon Switzerland Conservation Area, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Národní park České Švýcarsko) is bordered by the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Conservation Area (CHKO Labské pískovce).

With their diverse, bilingual services the two national park visitor centres in Bad Schandau and Krásná Lípa contribute to a growing understanding and exchange in this border region. The environmental education on both sides brings children, young people, families, adults and also specialists of both nations together while they experience nature or change their experiences.

Europarc Federation

The EUROPARC Federation is the network for Europe’s natural and cultural heritage. Created by our members, the Federation works to improve the management of Protected Areas in Europe through international cooperation, exchange of ideas and experience... read more

We are member of the EUROPARC Federation since 2004.


In October 2012, the protected area administrations in Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland were awarded the Europarc Federation Certification Transboundary Parks for cross-border cooperation of Transboundary Parks. The certificate confirms a high level of administrative cooperation of the Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland National Parks and the Labské Pískovce Conservation Area in the care of their unique nature. Fundamental to receiving this certificate is the collaboration with key partners in this region, including local governments, civil society and national park partners.

Experts in cross-border cooperation in Protected Areas get together each year at the EUROPARC TransParcNet meeting. They share good practice in transboundary cooperation, discover cross-border partnerships in other parks and look into common project ideas.

Welcome to Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland! The 2016 TransParcNet meeting took place in Bad Schandau at the German-Czech Border - read more


National Park Centre Saxon Switzerland

Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst
Nationalpark- und Forstverwaltung Sächsische Schweiz
NationalparkZentrum Sächsische Schweiz
Dresdner Straße 2 B
01814 Bad Schandau